Software Engineering 2023 - University of Waterloo

I am currently in search for a co-op position for May 2021 - Aug 2021

About Me

I am currently a 3A Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

I am proficient with C++ and JavaScript, with a lot of prior experience in Python, Java, C# and HTML. Currently I am interested in Artificial Intelligence as well as full-stack. My current projects include creating an intelligent bot in C# to play Warzone, building a platform to track competitive ladders on Warzone in real-time and codeveloping a Django platform used by 700 people to integrate events on Warzone.

Outside of programming, I follow Formula 1 and baseball closely, and I am always looking for new things to get involved with.

Proficient in: JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, Java, HTML, bash
Libraries + Frameworks: Django, React, Express, BootStrap, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NodeJS
Tools: Cypress, Jest, Git, Heroku, Google Cloud, Jenkins


For a full list of projects, check out my Github profile
WZ Seasonal Tracker JS React Express Heroku PostgreSQL

A full-stack platform built on Heroku to summarize and track the 42 seasons of the competitive Seasonal Ladder on Warzone. The front-end is built with React on JavaScript, utilizing functional hooks to obtain data from the back-end asynchonously. The back-end is built with Express to regularly pull new games from Warzone, and to send data to the front-end for visualization.

Visit the website here.

WZTourney CLOT Python Django PostgreSQL JS Heroku

A Django platform built on Heroku to arrange events on Warzone. Codeveloped new features and aided in bug fixes around Discord integration and back-end API bugs.

Visit the website here.

Warlight.AI C#

Development of a smart bot, to be used for the Warzone game with the use of the Warlight Bot API. Bot is developed with C# and implements various scoring algorithms to pick and play similar to a higher end player. Currently will search for efficient and open picks. Still in progress and improving the gameplay.

Personal Website HTML JS BootStrap4 Firebase

Website built using GitHub Pages. This website is built using various languages and frameworks. The website is built from scratch and combines BootStrap4. Contact form is built using AngularJS and uses Firebase + Google App Scripts to immediately notify me and store data. Javascript is used for handling the process of information and improving responsiveness.

Western Blot Parser Java

A program built for use by a post-doctorate researcher to parse raw data from an excel file and outputs organized computations into separate excel file. Build in Java using Java Swing for the GUI and the Apache POI library for utilizing Excel files.

Warzone Game Statistical Analysis JS NodeJS MongoDB

A project focused around analyzing games on the competitive 1v1 Ladder for the Risk-like game, Warzone. Developed multiple scripts to download over 300 000 games and managed the data in a database for organized queries. With the data, I was able to analyze the games for patterns and correlation through player tendencies.

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I am built with AngularJS and Firebase :)

I will get back to you as soon as possible!